An outpatient clinic is the part of a hospital designed for the treatment of outpatients, people with health problems who visit the hospital for diagnosis or treatment, but do not at this time require a bed or to be admitted for overnight care. Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital OPD are manned by consultant physicians and surgeons who also attend inpatients in the wards.

Many patients are examined and given treatment as outpatients before being admitted to the hospital at a later date as inpatients. When discharged, they may attend the outpatient clinic for follow-up treatment. Wheelchairs and stretchers are available for non-ambulatory patients. Patients will register at a reception desk and there is seating for them while they wait for their appointments.

Each doctor has a consulting room to maintain patient’s privacy and confidentiality. The OPD’s have timings and cater the services to patients with appointments and walk in patients.